Nahum Shalman

Sometimes it's the little things

If you run an illumos distribution that uses beadm (e.g. OmniOS) in production, you may have run into illumos bug #5943. As you might imagine, we at OmniTI run a lot of OmniOS systems. Recently a machine was being upgraded and on reboot was misbehaving because of that issue. That got me thinking about prevention. We monitor our systems using among other things, resmon feeding into Circonus. We can set up alerts in Circonus ...

Nahum Shalman

ZFS used space hidden in more than one snapshot

Someone was asking about this on IRC This is mostly for myself for later: hidden_in_snaps(){ bc -l <<<"( $(zfs list -H -p -o usedsnap ${1}) - $(zfs list -H -p -t snapshot -r -d 1 -o used ${1} | awk 'BEGIN{total=0} {total += $1} END{print total}') ) / 1024 / 1024 / 1024"; } zfs list -H -o name | while read filesystem; do echo "$filesystem: $(hidden_in_snaps $filesystem)"; done | sort -n -k 2 ...

Nahum Shalman

PXE Booting NixOS

I've been outed on Twitter: Thanks to some awesome work from @nahumshalman, we'll soon have a PXE bootable #NixOS installer!— Charles Strahan (@charlesstrahan) April 21, 2016 I've been working on this pull request for the past couple of weeks as I've been exploring the possibility of using NixOS as a new substrate for building Cerana. If those experiments pan out we'll be switching over from our old build ...

Nahum Shalman

Mistify is now Cerana

Just a quick note that Mistify is being rebranded as Cerana. I'm busy getting settled into my new team and having a great time. You can be sure I'll either be posting here or at least linking from here over to more information as we achieve interesting milestones. ...

Nahum Shalman


Long time followers are aware of how much time and energy I've poured into SmartOS and the SmartOS community which might make what I'm about to tell you all the more surprising. You may want to sit down. Today was my first day at OmniTI, and while I'm very excited that I can now claim Dan McDonald and the other folks who work on OmniOS as coworkers, I'm not working on OmniOS. I'm working on ...


Nahum Shalman

Running a Tor relay with Docker in the JPC

Jessie Frazelle did some really nice work wrapping up Tor into a Docker image. I tried running it in the Joyent Public Cloud (JPC) back in January but ran into a bug in the LX implementation. As I noted in the bug report today, the bug has been fixed. This means you can now quickly and easily spin up a pretty inexpensive Tor relay in the JPC. For now this probably only works in the ...