Long time followers are aware of how much time and energy I've poured into SmartOS and the SmartOS community which might make what I'm about to tell you all the more surprising. You may want to sit down.

Today was my first day at OmniTI, and while I'm very excited that I can now claim Dan McDonald and the other folks who work on OmniOS as coworkers, I'm not working on OmniOS.

I'm working on the Mistify Cerana project. I'll wait while you check out the link.

Yes, it's built on Linux. I have mixed feelings about leaving the illumos world behind and coming back to running Linux on the metal, but suffice it to say that this project has enough interesting things going for it that I'm excited to see where it takes us.

I'm going to be doing a combination of build engineering work (build systems, testing, etc.) and community management. In the coming months I anticipate that I'll be doing a lot of work getting things in order to make the project a welcoming one for outside contributors, as well as lowering the barriers of entry.

And of course, while I'm sure I'll learn how to use MistifyOS CeranaOS and the rest of Mistify Cerana "as intended", you can bet that I'm going to find all sorts of other fun things to do with it.

See you around the internet!

Updated April 7 changing Mistify to Cerana