Nahum Shalman

IPMItool for Termux (Android / Chromebook)

This is a follow up to my previous post outlining my chromebook setup.

I managed to get IPMItool to compile in my Termux environment. Here's how you can too. (So far I've only been able to get this to work on an x86 Chromebook, but not on ARM phones.)

  • Install Termux
  • Basic preparations cargo-culted from Kenn:
apt update  
apt upgrade  
apt install coreutils  
pkg upgrade  
pkg install termux-tools proot util-linux net-tools  
pkg install openssh tracepath tree git  
  • Setup and enter chroot
  • Install prerequisites:
pkg install automake autoconf libtool sed grep clang openssl-dev readline-dev  
  • Side by side, clone gnulib and my repo
git clone  
git clone  
cd ipmitool-source  
  • Brace yourself, if you're on a phone, the rest of this might be a bit painfully slow.
  • Bootstrap gnulib, boot strap the build, run configure, and run make
  • At this point you should have a working binary at src/ipmitool and you can proceed to manage your servers with IPMI from your Chromebook.